• How volunteering is helping a future leader

    Helping young people to reintegrate into society and fighting poverty is not something every 24-year old will opt for. Maksym Mishalov states “Volunteering is a way of living and you need to be serious about it.” What motivates him to spend 6 months in Cambodia?

    news13 Jun 2019
  • Appreciating diversity with the help of DISC

    Building a strong team of 5 people living in 5 different countries can be tough. How do you assess them, recognising their individual strengths? Alumni Kate reveals how DISC makes the difference in her daily work life.

    news20 May 2019
  • Three steps towards efficient proposals

    Hassan is a very devoted international fundraiser. His work is challenging him to have a structured approach in finding the right donors at the right time. But the haphazard way of working and the unclear involvement of other colleagues is tiring him out. Which tips can we give Hassan?

    news07 May 2019
  • The assumptions of a good leader

    We are always curious to know what our participants have been up to after completing their training with us. This week we spoke to Meskerem Ritmeester from AgriProFocus who participated in the Leadership and People Management course last summer. In this article, Meskerem reflects on her most important insights and how she has put it into her work practice. 

    news29 Apr 2019

    It was this era during which there was confidence in the “change-ability”of our world. There was confidence among the international community that the world’s problems could be addressed collectively. 

    news26 Apr 2019