• From dilemmas to useful recommendations

    MDF consultant Rudolf van der Helm went to South Sudan for a mid-term evaluation of a project that aims to improve the livelihoods of small-holder farmers. However, the results are mixed and politics interfere. In this blog, Rudolf describes how he found a way to make sense of all the information he received and ensure that his evaluation contributes to the programme.

    news05 Apr 2018
  • Roll-Out of New MDF Leadership and People Management (LPM)

    During 2018, you will see MDF start to roll out our new global approach to the Leadership and People Management (LPM). In Asia we are proud to be the incubator for this new approach.

    news02 Apr 2018
  • Test your knowledge of impact evaluation

    Organisations are under strong pressure to deliver and measure impact. But what do we mean by impact evaluation? Test your knowledge with these four questions!

    news30 Mar 2018
  • Out with the boring, in with exploring

    Do you sometimes feel like an old record player that is playing the same tune again and again? Do you already know what questions and answers will come from the participants? Here are some tips tips to keep your training interesting for you and your audience!

    blog26 Mar 2018
  • Training and facilitation skills put into practice in Zambia

    How to keep a technical training interesting? Bram de Vries works in the horticulture and followed the followed the Training and Facilitation course. Read his golden tips!

    news20 Mar 2018