• Quiz - Can you recognise leadership styles?

    A leader becomes more effective if he/she is able to apply different leadership styles in different situations. Daniel Goleman distinguishes six different leadership styles. Do you recognise them all? Also the ones that don't come naturally to you?

    news27 Aug 2020
  • connecting the dots

    Making it stick and stay awake!

    Staying awake at online sessions can be challenging. Staring at a screen, listening to all the introductions, and a slow PowerPoint presentation. Help! Keep your participants at the edge of their seat by using the brain-based learning principles... Can you connect the principles with the corresponding method?

    news11 Aug 2020
  • Project Management in TVET: from the eyes of a Project Manager

    "The need for skills development and an effective yet responsive TVET sector remains an area of interest and investment.... I believe that a partnership-building approach is best for tackling a sector that is so vast." Eva Kimani, our Project Manager at MDF Nairobi office, sheds light on her experience in managing TVET projects in Africa and MDF's approach and capacity in the sector. Find out more. 

    blog30 Jul 2020
  • Test the Advocacy and Policy Influencing cycle

    When planning an advocacy intervention you might turn to the project cycle as a starting point. We at MDF developed a cycle that is designed specifically for advocacy and policy influencing initiatives: the API cycle.

    news15 Jul 2020
  • Creating Conviction for Change: Online Advocacy and Policy Influencing Training

    Working with a range of stakeholders, including government, development partners, the private sector, and communities is always a challenging task– and even more so in the context of COVID-19. The need for collaboration to ensure a clear and concerted advocacy approach is apparent, now more than ever.

    news14 Jul 2020