• Making best use of EU funds in the Caribbean

    Our Brussels office was asked by CARIFORUM and CARICOM secretariat to develop a training plan for regional institutions in the Caribbean to strengthen capacities on Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of development efforts and on Financial and Contractual Procedures. What did the participants like about these topics?

    news28 Nov 2018
  • MDF hosted and played the 2030 SDGs game

    On 11 November, we organised an open event to play the first 2030 SDG game in the Netherlands! With a group of 48 people, we enjoyed this inspiring and a fun game and became more aware of our personal behaviour and the effect on the economic, environmental and social (global) environment.

    news23 Nov 2018
  • Part III: Managing multi-cultural teams effectively

    Is your communication in work tasks effective? Are you giving instructions effectively? In this third blog post on “managing multi-cultural teams effectively,” MDF’s Jacinta and Michelle, delve deeper into the influence of cultural contexts in the interpretation of messages. They also share tips on how to improve your internal communication. 

    news22 Nov 2018
  • Masterclass NWP

    Welcome to the real world of collaboration

    When you collaborate with partners, it might not always seem to be efficient. It can take a lot of time to really team up, there are always discussions about money, and it is difficult to manage staff from other organisations. Herman Snelder and Barbara Cruz recently facilitated a masterclass on forming and successfully managing partnerships and share 4 lesson learned on effective collaboration.

    news20 Nov 2018
  • Measuring complexity - from frustration to motivation

    If you are working in the development or humanitarian field, you know that the way changes happen is not linear. In most cases, we try to influence human behaviours. That is not something that is amenable to predictable patterns of change. 

    news14 Nov 2018