• Evaluations – making a virtue of necessity II

    This article is the second part of a longer article on virtuous evaluations. Last week our MDF Global director Mike Zuijderduijn wrote about the virtuous features on the process-side of Lobby and Advocacy evaluations; speaking the right language, going beyond reports that are read by only a few, and shifting from judging to an appreciative approach. This week Mike dives deeper into the content of a virtuous evaluation.

    news14 Nov 2019
  • Reports

    Evaluations – making a virtue of necessity

    In the past few years, the MDF evaluation team undertook Mid-term Reviews of several Strategic Partnerships under the Dialogue and Dissent programmes financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A reflection on these experiences inspired the writing of this article calling for more ‘virtuous evaluations’. 

    news06 Nov 2019
  • The results chain and how to use it when writing winning proposals

    Talking only about what your project will do will not convince many people instantly, talking about what your project strives to achieve is much more convincing! Do you know the difference between outputs and outcomes? What makes something an activity? What is the impact of your project? Test your knowledge of the results chain with this small quiz! 

    news10 Oct 2019
  • Janice Dwomoh Abraham

    How nutrition affects gender roles

    How does the role of men and women relate to the quality of water or nutrition? Janice Dwomoh Abraham recently graduated from her PhD programme, where she studied the nutritional quality of crops and surface water in Ghana. 
    While pregnant with her third baby, she succeeded in becoming an example for other students. This is her story.

    news01 Oct 2019
  • Delivering a training in North Korea

    How do you explain the results chain in a country that is completely foreign to you? What if your examples don’t seem to make sense? North Korea might not be on everyone’s list of countries to visit. Nicolas Dupic was more than excited to go. So how did the differences in culture work out in the training room?

    blog27 Sep 2019