• Funding landscape in Eastern Africa

    The changing funding landscape in the Eastern Africa region

    Did you know that the funding landscape in Africa is changing rapidly? This has huge implications for fundraisers and resource mobilizers. Dr James Njagu, former Head of Resource Mobilization and Management of the East African Community Secretariat explains. Are you ready for the new reality? Read on...

    news17 Jun 2022
  • Bangladesh Office: OET 2022 Annoucement

    MDF Training & Consultancy (Bangladesh Office) is now offering bilingual In-Person Open Entry Training courses to everyone intrigued in focusing on building a better career.

    news23 May 2022
  • Working Together Not Apart: Building the capacity of community-based organisations in marginalised communities in Palestine

    Social impact is about the effect of an activity on a community and the well-being of individuals and families. Moreover, it's about turning dreams into reality, bringing hope and empowerment to communities in need, and supporting positive development. 

    news12 Apr 2022
  • When do you have the legitimate right to interfere in civic space? It's better to be careful.

    By definition, civic space is the open dialogue in society between government institutions, politicians, companies, civil society organisations, universities, and different media platforms. When these actors start limiting their freedom of voice due to cultural habits and values or societal restrictions, this space can shrink significantly.

    blog30 Mar 2022
  • What are you scared of?

    In 2021, I decided to try something new by joining forces with MDF in Indonesia to create a new department on inclusive, social and sustainable enterprise development in Asia. 

    blog11 Mar 2022