• Let’s Spice Up Evaluations​ - Dutch Relief Alliance Innovation Fund

    ​Here at MDF, we just completed an evaluation assignment in which we supported the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA), a consortium of 14 Dutch NGOs working in the humanitarian sector, along their journey to learn from the innovation fund that supported 21 projects in the past four years. The valuable insights provided by the evaluation helped DRA in the operationalisation of innovative work for its new Strategic Plan for 2022-2026. ​

    blog15 Nov 2021
  • How Transect Walk methodology can help your team better understand environments to make wiser decisions

    A few weeks ago, I met with Chantal. She works for a youth forum in Palestine. I met her through our tailored capacity building programme for community-based organisations.  She leads an international team promoting environmentally friendly behaviour in the West Bank of Palestine. During the training, Chantal shared with me some issues she has been struggling with overhauling her working style from face-to-face to online.   

    Her main question was how to get the best out of the team when we hardly meet each other?   

    blog03 Nov 2021
  • Resource mobilisation post COVID-19: no, its not bouncing back rather reinventing the fundraising wheel

    COVID-19 protocols have disrupted the work environment set up. At MDF, we have seen an increase in the demand for online training programmes as opposed to the physical face-to-face training. This is due to remote working environment occassioned by social distancing. Indeed, every cloud has a silver lining. Regardless of the disruptions, organisations can still benefit from the new normal. Therefore, what are the new realities that organisations are facing in this new and infamous post-COVID 19 context? How will senior management and business development professionals secure funding to ensure their organisation's sustainability? Read on...

    news08 Oct 2021
  • Why getting women to participate in training is not enough

    When you’re a development professional working on a project with a gender component, you might find yourself nodding to the title of this piece. There might also be a chance you have been working hard to increase female participation in your trainings and find the title triggering. I understand! Getting women to participate in your trainings is still quite an achievement. In the past, little attention was paid to equal participation when a project was not explicitly a women-centered project. But why is participation not enough?   

    news20 Sep 2021
  • MDF Myanmar is looking for a trainer/consultant (based in Yangon)

    Expertise areas

    We are looking for trainer / consultants who can cover all or some of the following areas: 

    news14 Sep 2021