• Am I really evaluating an advocacy programme?

    Would you wish for more grip on the evaluations of your advocacy programmes? Advocacy approaches are peculiar in many ways, and this makes evaluating them challenging. Ewoud Plate, trainer of the new Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Influencing course, shares nuggets of wisdom on a weekly basis that can help you conducting your evaluations better.

    blog20 Jul 2018
  • Stakeholder Analysis 2.0

    Stakeholders can kill a programme, or make it succeed. Making sense of their interests is essential to improving the effectiveness of development programs. With the "Stakeholder Analysis 2.0" you can advance your understanding of stakeholder behaviour by considering stakeholders as political agents within their own environment.

    blog10 Jul 2018
  • New pilot course: Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Influencing

    The course Advocacy and Policy Influencing has been running successfully for years now as influencing decision-makers has never been more relevant. But measuring the results of your advocacy program is a whole other level. Approaches used for advocacy and policy influencing are indirect in reaching development goals, so it is not always easy to prove that your advocacy activity has actually been effective. So a new course has been launched to help you  evaluating  your advocacy programmes.

    news03 Jul 2018
  • A New Trend of Advocacy

    In the inspiring words of Global peacemaker Nelson Mandela “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we lived. It is the difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.  Advocacy is about raising your voice, making a difference and creating change. 

    news21 Jun 2018
  • The Project Manager as Super (Wo)Man

    In fact, being a project manager is a bit like being a Superwoman or Superman. A super hero that has to juggle all these tasks. Possible? Yes! Can certain skills be learned to help ease the workload? Yes!

    news14 Jun 2018