• Roland Hansen - Copyright Peter Pauls

    Introducing a social business mindset at Malteser International

    Times are changing for traditional development. A business mind-set and social impact don’t always seem a logical combination. Roland Hansen, Senior Programme Advisor at Malteser International, was challenged to explore new potential for social businesses to create more impact. Together with Lisa Freiburg, Trainer Consultant at MDF, and Thijs van Bemmel of BemBem, they mapped the enterprising project opportunities.

    news25 Feb 2020
  • Book - surrounded by idiots

    Do you also sometimes feel that you’re surrounded by idiots..?!

    "No matter how strange it might seem, in theory, every kind of behaviour is normal"

    news17 Feb 2020
  • Struggles of a trainer III: Three levels to evaluate effective training courses

    What is the impact of your training? As a trainer, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer. In this blog, MDF expert Pauline van Norel describes 3 levels for evaluating a training.

    blog06 Feb 2020
  • Lisa Freiburg

    Struggles of a trainer II: Designing a training

    Designing a new training is fun! It's fun to think about which methods to use, design your training materials and use your creativity. It’s a creative process, yet we sometimes lose sight of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Here are three key tips that might prove useful when designing an effective training.  

    news27 Jan 2020
  • The Adivasi story – how advocacy affected social inclusion

    How do you help a low-caste community to reach for more social inclusion? How do you fight something that is so interwoven in a society? Rudolf van der Helm shares his experiences in India, where he went from being lucky to a structural approach where key figures become a hero.

    blog20 Jan 2020