• PCM for Resilience

    The MDG’s have demonstrated significant development results in the areas of poverty reduction, livelihoods, health, education and gender equality. However, when disaster strikes a large part of that progress can be undone in a matter of seconds.

    news09 Nov 2017
  • A child sensitive Impact Evaluation

    Evaluating a project by collecting data from children is a challenge. Especially when it concerns subjects like commercial sexual exploitation. Terre des Hommes asked MDF to execute an Impact Evaluation for their project in Ethiopia. 

    news03 Nov 2017
  • Photo Ger Roebeling

    Horse Power

    Horses are sensitive animals. They immediately feel if people are anxious, and only pretending to like horses. At MDF’s Leadership and People Management (LPM) course we use ‘horse power’.  Curious to know what horses can teach about leadership? Ger Roebeling, MDF trainer and certified coach, explains.

    blog31 Oct 2017
  • New waves of hope for the Virungas

    Water4Virungas programme launched in Kisoro (Uganda) and Goma (DRC).

    news20 Oct 2017
  • Why your Organizational Values are more important today than ever before

    In his article ‘Leading in an Increasingly VUCA World’ published in the Harvard Business Review in Oct 2015, Eric J. McNulty paints a frightening picture of a world turned topsy-turvy. Where unpredictability, uncertainty and ambiguity and increased conflict are the norm.

    blog03 Oct 2017