• Part I: Managing multi-cultural teams effectively

    This is the first in our series of articles focusing on achieving collaboration and work success in multicultural environments. We will share tips on managing multicultural teams effectively and how to mitigate conflict in various work contexts.

    news12 Oct 2018
  • Aidex Conference Nairobi, 2018: Sustainable change starts with empowering the individual

    Maurits Spoelder, MDF Training & Consultancy Eastern and Southern Africa, shines a light on how the private sector can scale up the change NGOs are trying to achieve.

    news09 Oct 2018
  • Free Webinar: DISCover your qualities and pitfalls

    On 17 October 2018 at 12 (CET), MDF is hosting a free online seminar on leadership and people management. In this webinar, we will introduce how an insight into your qualities and pitfalls can help you become a better leader.

    news03 Oct 2018
  • Organizational Culture – the work of a Leader

    The culture within our organizations plays a significant role in enabling the organization to achieve its purpose in the world in a way that is sustainable and is healthy for the people who work there.

    news02 Oct 2018
  • Learning from Monitoring and Evaluation towards Accountability

    Once upon a time there lived a King. He was very rich and one night, three clever thieves broke into the King’s palace. They stole many precious goods. But the King’s guard were also clever. They caught the thieves red handed as they tried to run away. They brought them before the King.

    news21 Sep 2018