• Managerial leadership at NTPC Laos

    NTPC has invested significant amounts of time and resources in training over the years and have made progress in developing Lao talent for leadership, financial and technical roles. However there was a concern that the results of training related to leadership had not fully met the hopes for changed behaviour in the work place and were difficult to measure.

    news08 May 2018
  • Be the change you want to be

    In this ever changing world, adjusting to the ever changing enviroment is one of the skills managers and leaders need to possess. Easier said than done, most of the time. We see around us organizations struggling for existance or trying to adjust. Some succeeded and some failed. So, is there a recipe to successful organizational change?

    news08 May 2018
  • Free Webinar: Business Development for Social Impact

    news18 Apr 2018
  • Four steps to support capacity development

    How to support local partners to become more independent? MDF expert Jan Kuyper advised  a Dutch NGO changing its strategy from a traditional perspective into a sustainable development organisation. In this blog he explains a four-step approach that made this process effective and efficient.

    blog06 Apr 2018
  • MDF provides consultancy support to ASEAN Energy Centre

    With funding from GIZ (German cooperation organization), MDF Indonesia is providing consultancy support for organizational development of the ASEAN Energy Center. This one-year project started at the end of 2017 and is jointly implemented with MDF Sri Lanka.

    news05 Apr 2018