• Supporting Green Livelihood Alliance in Vietnam

     A number of different Civil society organisations and representatives from MDF Training and Consultancy jointly drafted a first Theory of Change and results chain for the GLA programme.

    news29 Jul 2016
  • Quiz: how much do you know about your questioning skills?

    Sometimes it is a challenge to transfer valuable skills and knowledge to trainees. Are you struggling with the implementation of effective training programs that will ensure learning? Test your questioning skills and knowledge of a good training.

    blog25 Jul 2016
  • Five important facilitation lessons for working towards the SDGs

    Inclusiveness and participation are essential elements when promoting change. But how to incorporate these elements in our projects or programmes? 

    news21 Jul 2016
  • Reflections after a EnterWASH training: involve me and I learn

    In the context of the Niche programme on strengthening Environmental Health and Sanitation Education at the University of Education (Mampong Campus) in Ghana, two students are undertaking their internship at MDF West Africa in Accra.

    news18 Jul 2016
  • The experience of inclusiveness

    For MDF Training & Consultancy inclusiveness is an important working value. In a internal training, all staff tried to find out what it means to be excluded.

    news12 Jul 2016