• 5 tips to deal with seasoned experts in your training

    You cannot be an expert in everything. This does not mean that you can relax and dodge the questions that come your way. In this blog, Lisa Freiburg shares 5 tips to work with the experts and optimise the learning experience for all.

    blog23 Aug 2018
  • Love and hate of theories of change

    In this fourth nugget of wisdom on evaluating advocacy, Ewoud Plate – trainer of the new Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Influencing course – shares his love and hate of theories of change and how he deals with them.

    news16 Aug 2018
  • Planning to achieve the SDGs in Papua New Guinea

    On 30 July 2018 The District Administration of Rigo District in Papua New Guinea launched its Five Year Development Plan for the period 2018 - 2022. Mr. Koen Toonen, Sr. Trainer/Consultant and Branch Director of the MDF Asia Vietnam regional branch office, visited Rigo District extensively during the final months of 2017, and jointly with UNDP and the District staff formulated a plan, that was discussed and finalized jointly with the Government and UNDP in Papua New Guinea.

    news13 Aug 2018
  • The digitalization of data collection

    Kobo. Magpi. Ona. Have you heard any these words before? If your answer is yes, you have probably heard of the concept of digital data collection. Collecting data in the field using an application on a phone or tablet. Increasingly organisations recognize the advantages of collecting data this way: no data entry, no printing, and higher levels of control during the collection process. 

    news10 Aug 2018
  • Ingredients for an effective team

    No matter where you work these days, you are likely to be part of a team. Many of us also lead teams as our careers progress. But is it always necessary to work in teams? How can team leaders improve the effectiveness of their teams? MDF expert Jan Kuyper, MDF senior trainer/consultant shares insights he gained when advising a Dutch NGO in their team development. 

    news09 Aug 2018