• MDF Training & Consultancy starts inclusive business hub in Ghana

    Inequality and poverty pose challenges to development efforts in today’s society. It is becoming clear that the traditional trickle-down economy is not working for the people at the base of the pyramid.

    news23 Nov 2016
  • Innovative food projects: connecting needs and demands

    Research in higher education (HE) is pivotal for economic development and prosperity. But how can research be more market driven?

    news18 Nov 2016
  • Lipstick and leadership

    Dress like a lady, act like a leader. Despite having more votes, Hillary Clinton lost the election. However, the moment was truly historic and moving. Her candidacy marked a new era, full of potential. 

    news16 Nov 2016
  • MDF Training & Consultancy opens new office in Myanmar

    Great news!  MDF Training & Consultancy has started a brand new office in in Yangon, Myanmar.

    news01 Nov 2016
  • Schools are the logical place to start with water, sanitation & hygiene awareness

    The link between the environment and our health cannot be overlooked. But where is the place to start in implementing practical solutions to hygiene?

    news24 Oct 2016