• Ingredients for an effective team

    No matter where you work these days, you are likely to be part of a team. Many of us also lead teams as our careers progress. But is it always necessary to work in teams? How can team leaders improve the effectiveness of their teams? MDF expert Jan Kuyper shares insights he gained when advising a Dutch NGO in their team development. 

    news11 Apr 2017
  • How to make evaluations ‘win-win’

    Evaluations that lead to true learning are a ‘win-win’ for both the program and the evaluator. One way to improve the learning potential of evaluations is to involve stakeholders throughout the evaluation process. The traditional role of the evaluator as the ‘inspector’ is hereby changing to the evaluator as ‘facilitator’.  The key word is participatory evaluation.

    blog30 Mar 2017
  • Planning for sustainability: How NGOs prepare for their future

    Sustainability strategies need to be developed by NGOs which need to be sustainable. The most important key to sustainability is the ability of the organisation to adapt to the constant changes in their environment. This requires internal and external analysis which will result in a well-defined sustainability plan. 

    news29 Mar 2017
  • The indicator that gives a different outcome

    Irene Achola participated in the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) course in Ede, the Netherlands. "My aha moment was when I learned not to focus only on accountability and progress, but more on the learning component."

    news27 Mar 2017
  • Promising practices in Ghana’s higher education

    The Nuffic funded project “Strengthening Environmental Health and Sanitation Education at UEW to sustain WASH in the School Health Education Programme of the Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Education”, just entered its fourth year of implementation. Marie-José Niesten, who manages the project, presents us recent achievements.

    news23 Mar 2017