• Learning in poems and raps?

    Monday morning, you are attending a workshop. Ready to receive a lot of new information. After 30 minutes of listening, your attention is shifting to your unopened work emails, your to-do-list and the report you should have finished last week. Meanwhile, the workshop facilitator continues to talk. Everyone loses out: the facilitator does not succeed in transferring her or his message and you have missed an opportunity to learn something new. Surely we can do this better? 

    blog27 Feb 2017
  • Building team dynamics: what is the secret?

    As facilitators at MDF Asia we are often asked to do team building sessions. I have personally done many, in many different countries. From China to South Africa. Reflecting back I ask myself: is there a secret to turning a group of colleagues or staff members into a real team? Can one actually ‘build a team’ in a few days?  What makes a team a team? 

    blog23 Feb 2017
  • From ordinary to extraordinary education

    What to do when resources are minimal but you want to prepare students to think critically and develop the capability to compare, contrast, evaluate and solve problems?

    blog20 Feb 2017
  • How MDF Client’s Define The Profile of Indonesian Leaders

    Since early June, 2016 MDF Asia has been providing technical assistance in curriculum development to the National Resilience Institute of Indonesia (Lemhannas RI). The program is part of an institutional capacity building project of the Institute which started in March 2013 supported by NUFFIC and managed by MDF. 

    news16 Feb 2017
  • Vacancy in Myanmar

    Myanmar is looking or a National Trainer / Consultant (m/f) full time

    news07 Feb 2017