• A story of life

    This is a touching story of life of Toan, a participant with visual impairment who attended the Human Resource Management training delivered by MDF Asia Vietnam office under the USAID capacity development programme for local NGOs in Vietnam. 

    news02 May 2017
  • Helping your team to be prepared

    There are a number of useful behaviors or practices that can help a team to work effectively together. An obvious one is ensuring there is a clear and shared understanding about the context and purpose of their work. Without this shared understanding you don’t have a team, it’s just a group of people. 

    news26 Apr 2017
  • Why ‘self-steering teams’ may fail?

    A manager of an international NGO told me about her disappointing experiences with so-called ‘self-steering’ teams. The idea of these teams is that they don't have a manager but instead decide together what work needs to be done. In general this means that these Agile teams perform better but below experience shows that even with highly-motivated professionals this doesn't always work.

    blog21 Apr 2017
  • MDF West Africa launches the IBA Hub Accra Ghana

    Over 50 people attended the official launch of the Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) Hub on April 20th, 2017.

    news18 Apr 2017
  • Ingredients for an effective team

    No matter where you work these days, you are likely to be part of a team. Many of us also lead teams as our careers progress. But is it always necessary to work in teams? How can team leaders improve the effectiveness of their teams? MDF expert Jan Kuyper shares insights he gained when advising a Dutch NGO in their team development. 

    news11 Apr 2017