• Giorgio Ferrari

    How impact evaluations contribute to meaningful change

    Recently, in my work as an evaluator at MDF, I had the opportunity of leafing through the archive of evaluations of a development agency that is a leader in political development and human rights protection. I was struck by three plain points.

    blog11 Aug 2017
  • Global network empowers communities on land issues

    Land tenure when you're living in the slums of Nairobi can be quite challenging. Traditional land registration and occupancy too often remains out of reach for poor people. New ways of working ask for new tools. What works well?

    news08 Aug 2017
  • What if they don’t take me seriously?

    No matter how educated you are, as a trainer you can always end up in a situation that makes you feel nervous or insecure. Deliver a successful training with these 4 powerful tips.

    blog31 Jul 2017
  • The right to be respected

    How to go about when you're a woman from Equador and you don't feel you're heard or that your decisions aren't taken into account? Gender expert Hady Klaasen explains how change needs to happen at different levels.

    blog24 Jul 2017
  • Fund raising: the death of traditional donor money?

    Times are changing in the development sector. As MDF consultants, we witness major changes in the donor landscape all the time. Traditional aid sources may slowly dry up. Bilateral donors are facing major budget cuts. Many countries are shifting from aid to trade, and even UN agencies are confronted with dwindling resources. What does this mean for the non-profit organizations which rely on these funding streams?

    news17 Jul 2017