• Staff Retreat tips

    Team retreats are a time for reflection. ‘Retreating’ means stepping away from our daily routine. This can shed a whole new light on our work and on our relations. But how to make retreats meaningful and fun? MDF’s experienced facilitators share tips.

    news15 Jun 2017
  • Corporate Sustainability Strategies and Governance

    What is it? Why do we need it? How do we monitor it?

    news07 Jun 2017
  • What’s YEPpening at MDF

    MDF’s mission is to foster competent professionals in order to increase their positive social impact. Investing in young people to become competent in their field of expertise is essential. Especially when considering the population of job-seeking youth is rapidly growing in many countries. It is, therefore, no coincidence that we host 7 Young Experts in Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Ghana and Myanmar in the context of the Young Expert Programme Water and Agrofood (YEP Programmes). 

    news01 Jun 2017
  • The truth and influencing

    For many years policy decision makers were stressing that facts, figures and evidence were most important to prove the credibility and legtimacy of your advocacy plea. Nowadays emotions, beliefs and personal interpretations on the other hand make a difference. So, how can we influence public opinion and policy decision makers to make the right choices?

    blog18 May 2017
  • Visualize your Theory of Change

    Building a Theory of Change often requires that you work together with partners in multiples countries who work in their specific context, use their own software and probably also have different views on how ToC's work. How to get your ideas aligned? Or which tool are you going to you use to capture and visualise this constantly evolving view of reality?

    news10 May 2017