• New waves of hope for the Virungas

    Water4Virungas programme launched in Kisoro (Uganda) and Goma (DRC).

    news20 Oct 2017
  • Why your Organizational Values are more important today than ever before

    In his article ‘Leading in an Increasingly VUCA World’ published in the Harvard Business Review in Oct 2015, Eric J. McNulty paints a frightening picture of a world turned topsy-turvy. Where unpredictability, uncertainty and ambiguity and increased conflict are the norm.

    blog03 Oct 2017
  • Developing organisational capacity is a continuous change practice

    Supporting the organisational development process of your own organization or your partner organization(s) can be quite challenging. Where to start, what practical tools can you use? Discover Tung's experiences in Vietnam.

    news12 Sep 2017
  • Everyone knows about gender

    At some places it can be quite sensitive to talk about gender equality. It has become part of donor jargon, not something that involves everyone. Annemarie Westendorp from Van Hall Larenstein University and one of the trainers of the course Gender Mainstreaming in Development Programmes, tackled this issue in a creative way.

    news28 Aug 2017
  • Less Paper, More Aid: Harmonizing Donor Reporting

    Name two activities most people dislike doing in life. Paying tax? Going to the dentist? Probably true! And in working life? Our MDF clients often mention the same thing: report writing.

    blog25 Aug 2017