• Localising The Sustainable Development Goals

    An example of MDF support to inclusive sustainable development planning in Rigo District in Papua New Guinea.

    news19 Feb 2018
  • Better off together?

    NGOs and multilateral organizations have a strong motivation to have a positive impact everywhere they work, but achieving results is often hard.

    news01 Feb 2018
  • A day in the life of a MDF’er

    From protesting in Guatemala, to singing indicators and roleplays as Minister of Defence. Can working life at MDF ever be experienced as 'dull'?

    blog16 Jan 2018
  • A thank you message from MDF Asia team

    Soon many people will be celebrating a time of giving gifts and remembering a story of a young mother being turned away from shelter, her baby being born in circumstances of poverty and tyranny, and their escape as refugees to another land. 

    news22 Dec 2017
  • New Year Resolutions, Work, and Artificial Intelligence

    As 2017 rushes towards an end we are aware of what we have achieved this year and what remains still undone. For some it is practice to prepare for a new calendar year by making ‘new year resolutions’. We resolve to achieve certain things, change certain habits, make a difference, and to follow through on strategy and plans in the new year ahead.

    news22 Dec 2017