• Out with the boring, in with exploring

    Do you sometimes feel like an old record player that is playing the same tune again and again? Do you already know what questions and answers will come from the participants? Here are some tips tips to keep your training interesting for you and your audience!

    blog26 Mar 2018
  • Training and facilitation skills put into practice in Zambia

    How to keep a technical training interesting? Bram de Vries works in the horticulture and followed the followed the Training and Facilitation course. Read his golden tips!

    news20 Mar 2018
  • Theory of Change in practice

    Logframe or Theory of Change.. How to plan for real results? Dario Jongerius, researcher at SEO, constructed a Theory of Change in the Result-Based Management course and explains how it helped him back at work.

    news16 Mar 2018
  • Gain confidence as a trainer: prepare, practice and pause

    You don’t wake up one day as a super trainer or perfect TED talk speaker without any nervousness. Being nervous is even good: it makes sure that you stay alert. However, sometimes nerves can take you over. Gain confidence in front of the group with the three Ps: prepare, practice and pause.

    blog12 Mar 2018
  • Women’s empowerment?

    Empowerment is about changing power relations that are often invisible and operating subtly. Which tools to use to empower women and men in such a way that, even within households, women have more say about important issues in their lives?

    news08 Mar 2018