• Strengthening EU grant management

    Our office in Vietnam was asked by the Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond (CNV) to provide a 3-day training course to strengthen the management of the grants and sub-grants by the Cambodian partners.

    news14 Oct 2016
  • A place to start when supporting partners with feasible solutions in a project

    Thomas Mecha from Germany tells how a MDF course empowered him to carry out his mission in Burundi, Africa

    news06 Oct 2016
  • Stop at nothing to protect a child

    Child exploitation is a sad reality in our society today. How can we combat it? An alliance of five organisations came together in what is called Down to Zero to fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in all its forms.

    news19 Sep 2016
  • 8-day training and exposure visit

    Our office in Sri Lanka successfully conducted a 8-day Training and Exposure Visit for the management team of Population Services and Training Centre from Bangladesh. From August 16-26, the management team of Population Services & Training Centre (PSTC) visited Sri Lanka for a Change and Quality Management training and exposure visit.

    news31 Aug 2016
  • Understanding the multiple dimensions of gender relations

    Why is it that the numerous issues and the deep cultural roots connected to gender make it seem like a mountain to climb with very few materials?

    news16 Aug 2016