• Theory of Change in practice

    Logframe or Theory of Change.. How to plan for real results? Dario Jongerius, researcher at SEO, constructed a Theory of Change in the Result-Based Management course and explains how it helped him back at work.

    news16 Mar 2018
  • Gain confidence as a trainer: prepare, practice and pause

    You don’t wake up one day as a super trainer or perfect TED talk speaker without any nervousness. Being nervous is even good: it makes sure that you stay alert. However, sometimes nerves can take you over. Gain confidence in front of the group with the three Ps: prepare, practice and pause.

    blog12 Mar 2018
  • Women’s empowerment?

    Empowerment is about changing power relations that are often invisible and operating subtly. Which tools to use to empower women and men in such a way that, even within households, women have more say about important issues in their lives?

    news08 Mar 2018
  • You need more than an expert’s eye to write a winning proposal

    Between technical experts on the one hand and the readers of a proposal on the other hand, is a whole wide world! Sam Boering, Result-Based Management expert, bridged the gap in Pakistan. This was not an easy task!

    blog03 Mar 2018
  • We are hiring!

    The branch office of MDF Asia (Vietnam Office, based in Hanoi) is seeking for a dynamic individual to strengthen our lively team in order to fill the position of Full-time International Senior Trainer/Consultant

    news01 Mar 2018