• Empowering People: TVET strengthening project in Ethiopia sets up child daycare centres

    TVET strengthening project in Ethiopia assists in setting up of child daycare centres to facilitate professional focus of the teachers    

    news10 Aug 2021
  • Turn your online training into a memorable experience

    Today, the reality is that in parallel with your online training, you see notifications pop up, and while listening to the trainer present something, you might also be placing an online shopping order. At the end of the day, you are exhausted and little of what you have learned will stick. What can you as a trainer or facilitator do to reduce screen fatigue, offer a break from ‘regular’ screen time and encourage that the learning sticks?

    news20 Jul 2021
  • Inclusive results chain - Four essential questions

    Diversity, inclusive development and gender equality are at the top of the International Development Cooperation and SDG agendas. We are observing an ongoing transformation. The beneficiaries of our work have a voice and expect accountability.   

    news02 Jul 2021
  • Theory of Change & Stakeholder Analysis 2.0: a match for implementing real change

    Theory of Change (ToC) has become the mainstream approach for planning development interventions in complex environments. It maps how actors will change as a consequence of ToC implementation. Therefore, it is crucial to understand stakeholders and their behaviour to develop a good theory and a sound project or programme. 

    news23 Jun 2021
  • SDGs game session on the European Development Days

    On the 15th of June, you will have the opportunity to play the 2030 SDGs game during the European Development Days (EDD) 2021. This year's online edition highlights the Green Deal for a Sustainable Future. 

    news10 Jun 2021