• Resource mobilisation post COVID-19: no, its not bouncing back rather reinventing the fundraising wheel

    COVID-19 protocols have disrupted the work environment set up. At MDF, we have seen an increase in the demand for online training programmes as opposed to the physical face-to-face training. This is due to remote working environment occassioned by social distancing. Indeed, every cloud has a silver lining. Regardless of the disruptions, organisations can still benefit from the new normal. Therefore, what are the new realities that organisations are facing in this new and infamous post-COVID 19 context? How will senior management and business development professionals secure funding to ensure their organisation's sustainability? Read on...

    news08 Oct 2021
  • Why getting women to participate in training is not enough

    When you’re a development professional working on a project with a gender component, you might find yourself nodding to the title of this piece. There might also be a chance you have been working hard to increase female participation in your trainings and find the title triggering. I understand! Getting women to participate in your trainings is still quite an achievement. In the past, little attention was paid to equal participation when a project was not explicitly a women-centered project. But why is participation not enough?   

    news20 Sep 2021
  • Quantitative Methodologies for Impact Evaluation

    MDF team produced a video that presents a clear way to understand how quantitative methodologies work for Impact Evaluation. Even selling lemonades, we can learn how evaluation techniques can happen. Check it out!

    news08 Sep 2021
  • bulk email marketing

    Bulk email marketing - how to not get spammed

    You might have been faced with a situation where you needed to send bulk emails to clients on a specific topic/assignment or project. With the right tips and tools, bulk email messaging is quite effective and saves your precious time. So, how do you ensure that your email lands in your clients' inboxes? Can you avoid being spammed? Read on to find out more...

    news03 Sep 2021
  • Tips for writing a good proposal

    Writing a successful proposal is an art. There is no blueprint for a good proposal, and not all good proposals lead to a successful bid. There are many reasons why a funder might select your proposal. 

    news26 Aug 2021