• New year’s resolutions for more impact

    Taking some lessons from 2020, here’s some inspiration about what you could focus on in 2021.

    news04 Jan 2021
  • Defining indicators: thinking beyond the 'How'

    One of the challenges project managers or M&E experts often face, when it comes to monitoring, is how to define indicators for their project. It seems as if every donor has its own format, and how many indicators are enough?

    news24 Dec 2020
  • Online training: interactive, inspiring and fun

    I found myself drawing behind my desk, visualising the training that I wanted to provide after my course. I never considered myself as a creative soul, and neither did I expect to become one during this training. 

    blog07 Dec 2020
  • A guide to strengthening TVET for improved youth employment

    In this blog, James Sablerolles reflects on the lessons learned from the Youth at Heart virtual forum and use them to highlight how to go about implementing new projects that support the creation of new jobs for youth.

    blog24 Nov 2020
  • Promoting digitalisation & youth employment in Africa

    In this blog, James Sablerolles shares his views of the three core things to know about Dutch policy, promoting digitalisation and youth employment in Africa in preparation for the Youth at Heart Virtual forum organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

    blog29 Oct 2020