• Six Tips to Give a Training that Sticks

    Conducting training or facilitating a workshop is something many of us will have to do. Do you believe anyone can just do this? Or are there special skills or ‘secret’ ingredients? At MDF, training is a core expertise. Here are some tips we’d like to share.

    news08 Jan 2019
  • The search for hope and opportunity in the world’s youngest nation: our work in South Sudan

    MDF consultants and trainers are assisting humanitarian aid responders and development organisations in South Sudan. How impactful are these responses? How can you and your organisation be part of this process? We take a closer look at MDF's work in this youngest nation in the world. 

    news12 Dec 2018
  • Three tips to effectively conduct an organisational capacity assessment

    A while ago, my colleague Jan Kuyper and I travelled to Mongolia to conduct an organisational capacity assessment. Our goal? Develop an action plan based on an assessment using the 5 Core Capabilities Framework. With the vast landscape of Mongolia and valuable experiences of the assignment still in mind, I would like to share three tips with you on how to effectively use this model in practice.

    blog03 Dec 2018
  • Making best use of EU funds in the Caribbean

    Our Brussels office was asked by CARIFORUM and CARICOM secretariat to develop a training plan for regional institutions in the Caribbean to strengthen capacities on Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of development efforts and on Financial and Contractual Procedures. What did the participants like about these topics?

    news28 Nov 2018
  • MDF hosted and played the 2030 SDGs game

    On 11 November, we organised an open event to play the first 2030 SDG game in the Netherlands! With a group of 48 people, we enjoyed this inspiring and a fun game and became more aware of our personal behaviour and the effect on the economic, environmental and social (global) environment.

    news23 Nov 2018