It was this era during which there was confidence in the “change-ability”of our world. There was confidence among the international community that the world’s problems could be addressed collectively. 

    news26 Apr 2019
  • Why participants’ motivation matters

    Imagine that you’ve prepared your training very well. During the second day of the training, you sense that the participants’ motivation lies more in discovering the country. What do you do: work harder to inspire the participants or drop your agenda and just go with the flow? 

    news12 Apr 2019
  • From Classroom to Social Enterprise

    “What is a future proof solution that combines business with social goals?" Not older than 14, it doesn't stop these students to think about solutions to solve societal problems. The experienced social entrepreneur Herman Snelder provides new knowledge into the world of social impact.

    news05 Apr 2019
  • What have horses got to do with management?

    Horses respond to us best when our behavior and our emotions are in synch. They ask two questions of us; ‘is it safe to be around you?’ and ‘are you the boss or am I?’ The way we present ourselves to the horse answers both of these questions and tells us more about our natural leadership potential than any human guru, coach or mentor. 

    news01 Apr 2019
  • Advocacy for change: planning for raising our voices

    As trainers/consultants, we are increasingly being asked by our clients “how can we best make a difference to existing laws, policies or strategies”? Several of our clients from Civil Society Organisations and United Nations agencies see their landscapes of work changing. 

    news01 Apr 2019