• Assisting your team in obtaining EU funding

    What is a golden tip when you are responding to a call for proposal? Miriam followed the course 'How to obtain EuropeAid funding?’ and shares her insights.

    news01 Mar 2019
  • Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash

    Celebrate differences

    Within the field of international development ‘gender’ has become a trending topic. But it takes more than looking at the gender ratio in your team to achieve gender equality within your organisation. What if your organisation has only one day to learn about this topic? This is how MDF can help you.

    news26 Feb 2019
  • What to keep in mind when launching a call for tenders?

    When you are charged with the procurement of services of a project, you have to launch a call for tenders. What are the main challenges that you should keep in mind? 

    news13 Feb 2019
  • "Hi" from Matthijs van den Broek

    My name is Matthijs van den Broek from the Netherlands. I feel privileged to have been appointed as Branch Director of MDF Asia, Vietnam Office, since January 2019. Having lived and worked in Asia, more specifically in Thailand, for 10 years, and travelled between Europe and Southeast Asia for over 30 years, I feel that living in Vietnam now is sort of “returning home” for me. 

    news31 Jan 2019
  • The importance of flexibility in Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

    To manage the complexity of a multi-stakeholder process, whether it is a partnership, consortium or any other form, the tendency is to do the exact opposite of looking for flexibility; coming up with strict agreements and plans.

    news16 Jan 2019