• Six Key Learnings on Proposal Writing

    You win some, you lose some, is the famous proverb we use when we’ve not been successful.  When submitting proposals, we have to accept the risk of being rejected. Then ask yourself: have I done all I can to understand the donor’s requests?

    news28 Aug 2019
  • From dilemmas to useful recommendations

    MDF consultant Rudolf van der Helm went to South Sudan for a mid-term evaluation of a project that aims to improve the livelihoods of small-holder farmers. However, the results are mixed and politics interfere. In this blog, Rudolf describes how he found a way to make sense of all the information he received and ensure that his evaluation contributes to the programme.

    news23 Aug 2019
  • MDF wins a grant to help build a circular economy hub in Kenya

    MDF Training & Consultancy and consortium have been awarded a grant worth EUR 1.5 million! With the grant, the consortium will go the extra mile by not only establishing two E-waste refurbishing plants in Kenya, but also creating a circular economy ecosystem around them with the aim to establish a self-reliant and sustainable social business model.

    news29 Jul 2019
  • Impact evaluation

    Connecting the dots, complexity and Most Significant Change

    How to make sense of extreme complexity? How do you evaluate the impact of an humanitarian action on someone's life? Paola wrote a blog about Most Significant Change: a method that helps to assess and analyse complex interventions using stories.

    blog15 Jul 2019
  • Linking research to business challenges

    Businesses, researchers and knowledge institutes working on applied research have much to gain from connecting their research to the outside world, but might prefer working in the comfort of their lab. Meanwhile, lots of research ends up on shelves and may never find their way to those who can benefit from it: the companies.

    news21 Jun 2019