• Delivering a training in North Korea

    How do you explain the results chain in a country that is completely foreign to you? What if your examples don’t seem to make sense? North Korea might not be on everyone’s list of countries to visit. Nicolas Dupic was more than excited to go. So how did the differences in culture work out in the training room?

    blog27 Sep 2019
  • Surfing the waves of sticky trainings

    How do you make a training stick? You want to communicate lots of information but is that really what your participants want? Sonja Bongard followed the Training & Facilitation Skills course in the Netherlands. This interview reflects her findings.

    news13 Sep 2019
  • Three steps to effectively manage upwards

    When we talk about management, we often think about the person leading a team. Someone who has to delegate downwards. If you’re a manager yourself, you probably have to manage up as well– unless you’re on top of the food chain of course. So, how do you manage your manager?

    blog06 Sep 2019
  • 5 tips to deal with seasoned experts in your training

    You cannot be an expert in everything. This does not mean that you can relax and dodge the questions that come your way. In this blog, Lisa Freiburg shares 5 tips to work with the experts and optimise the learning experience for all.

    blog05 Sep 2019
  • The SDG game

    Playing for a perfectly balanced world

    Simulate the world in 2030

    It’s May 2019. More than seventy people have gathered together for an inspiring evening. What are we going to do? Play a simulation of the world up to the year 2030. What’s the outcome?


    news02 Sep 2019