• MDF Myanmar is looking for a trainer/consultant (based in Yangon)

    Expertise areas

    We are looking for trainer / consultants who can cover all or some of the following areas: 

    news14 Sep 2021
  • Quantitative Methodologies for Impact Evaluation

    MDF team produced a video that presents a clear way to understand how quantitative methodologies work for Impact Evaluation. Even selling lemonades, we can learn how evaluation techniques can happen. Check it out!

    news08 Sep 2021
  • bulk email marketing

    Bulk email marketing - how to not get spammed

    You might have been faced with a situation where you needed to send bulk emails to clients on a specific topic/assignment or project. With the right tips and tools, bulk email messaging is quite effective and saves your precious time. So, how do you ensure that your email lands in your clients' inboxes? Can you avoid being spammed? Read on to find out more...

    news03 Sep 2021
  • Tips for writing a good proposal

    Writing a successful proposal is an art. There is no blueprint for a good proposal, and not all good proposals lead to a successful bid. There are many reasons why a funder might select your proposal. 

    news26 Aug 2021
  • Gender and inclusiveness lens review of education: what we’re looking at. ‎

    The wake of 21st Century brought about a prime focus on Gender and Inclusiveness in the management of educational institutions. It is therefore, paramount that learning institutions embrace a gender-responsive and inclusive environment. Whatever their background or special characteristics, all trainees possess valuable potential strengths and qualities that can only be exploited in an environment that respects and values all. How then will these educational institutions respond to this need? Read more on this blog from MDF's gender and inclusiveness experts...

    news25 Aug 2021