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Under the ministry, there are sixteen SAIs across the country, each of which offers a three-year diploma course on agriculture. Over 1,500 students graduate each year. 


The challenge

The curriculum being taught at the SAIs is not adapted to regional or agri-labour market specifics, reflecting a gap between what is taught at school and what is really needed in the labour market. Furthermore, current teaching is rarely student-centred, with top-down teaching methods and little room for innovation. There is no teacher training unit for agro-teachers. The ministry department also needs stronger capacities to guide the transformation process. Moreover, the current structure of the three-year course is limiting in terms of truly preparing students for a future in agriculture, which remains the largest contributing sector in Myanmar. 

Student-centred teaching

Our solution

Together with the other consortium partners, MDF Training & Consultancy is supporting the Ministry of Agriculture to fully transform its technical agricultural education. Schools are revising their curriculum and teachers skills and establishing close linkages with national and regional industries.


The results

The project is ongoing and will end in 2021. Achievements to date include a complete overhaul of the curriculum to align to specific job profiles, with new modules in line with demand for skills needs in agri sectors and the creation of national and regional advisory boards. We have also set up solar-powered, modern learning ICT-based classrooms in pilot schools. In the new phase (2020/21), we will set up an agricultural teacher training unit at Yezin University and restructure the schools to add two more learning years – year 4 and 5 – to develop into agricultural colleges.

“I am so proud to see the achievements in our curriculum review and the ICT classrooms. Thank you Dutch team”.

Director General in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation

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