Our client

After a Memory Of Understanding between the Dutch and Indonesian governments was signed in 2012, a project was developed with funding from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

The challenge

Young Water Professionals have the necessary technical skills learned from university and Ministry training, but lack the “non-technical” skills equally important to deal with complex projects. Capacity development, particularly in non-technical aspects,  is needed to prepare young professionals for the challenging water issues Indonesia is facing.

Our solution

Based on an assessment done prior to project start, it was agreed that the focus  should be on “non-technical” aspects of project management such as management and leadership skills, results-based management, stakeholder engagement and managing a change process. MDF Training & Consultancy was selected to lead the project consortium,  which started in 2014. The skills and competencies of the Young Water Professionals were improved through training, project internships and workplace assignments. A training package was developed as one of the project outputs and handed to the Ministry’s Training Centre. It is expected that this package will be integrated into the Ministry’s training activities.

The results

Nineteen young professionals participated in the YWP programme from 2014 – 2015. Many of them stated that the programme was eye-opening and expressed satisfaction with the programme content. They requested further facilitation in the practical  implementationin their everyday work of what they had learned. Some results of the programme are:

  • Improved skills in analyzing problems at work.
  • Better ability to look at and analyse issues in a more contextual fashion and from different perspectives.
  • Ability to better deal with different kinds of community stakeholders .

During project evaluation, senior Ministry officials recommended the training package to be used in other departments in the Ministry.


“If we can analyze how high the interest and power of stakeholders is, then we can take the proper way to deal with them and our projects will be implemented well”

Mr. Yunianto Rahadi Utomo ST, MM. Directorate General of Spatial Planning

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