• Organisation and People Management

    To be effective in a rapidly changing world requires strong and adaptive leadership that focuses on concrete results and developing sound and flexible strategies based on emerging opportunities and threats. Moreover, organisations have to be able to develop a culture of learning, innovation, and collaboration with multiple stakeholders, and at the same time empower and motivate individual employees.   

    • We provide in-depth knowledge and experience in assessing the capacity of individuals, organisations and partnerships
    • We provide customised services to improve leadership and management competencies
    • We provide hands-on support for developing new organisational strategies, implementation modalities, management of change processes, development of leadership, improvement of team functioning and the effective management of partnerships and networks. 
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  • Programme and Project Management

    MDF Training & Consultancy enables you to manage your programmes and projects more effectively, while applying a participatory and strong results-oriented approach in all the phases of the project cycle. In close consultation with you, we choose the most appropriate tools to jointly develop your programme or project proposals, (further) develop your monitoring system or carry out learning-oriented evaluations.

    • We provide support throughout the entire project cycle and connect the different phases of the cycle to strengthen the learning, decision-making and accountability aspects of project management;
    • We bring in experience in a wide range of participatory monitoring and evaluation tools;
    • The whole process is results-oriented and at the same time it strengthens the team’s capacity and ownership of the products developed.
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  • Resource Mobilisation

    A new context might require you to fundamentally diversify your resource base. How then do you tap into new financial resources and mobilise them to effectively meet your specific needs? MDF Training & Consultancy assists you with making strategic choices, implementing them and improving the capacities and essential fundraising skills of the staff involved. 

    • Our strategic approach provides you with creative, proven and tailored solutions.
    • We approach every solution holistically – from developing strategic choices to strengthening a specific competency.
    • We use the latest, proven methodologies and tools in an integrated manner.
    • Our experts combine training and consultancy experiences from the field.
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  • Advocacy and Policy Influencing

    The practice and outcomes of Advocacy & Policy Influencing (API) are often unpredictable and difficult to grasp. Typically, these programmes are implemented within complex networks and rapidly changing environments. This poses numerous challenges to the programme’s conception and management, day-to-day strategizing and communication, and result measurement. However, we can empower you and your partners to frame, capture and learn from your policy influencing efforts.

    • Years of practical experience that will help you analyse your political context, choose strategic allies, and manage your partnerships and networks.
    • Our experience in Theory of Change development, Monitoring & Evaluation systems design, and learning in the area of Advocacy & Policy Influencing.
    • Providing training in professional communication and negotiation skills to make a lasting difference.
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