Our client

Wild Geese Foundation supports private development initiatives worldwide with advice, capacity strengthening, funding and a broad network of experts. It stimulates local fundraising in the Netherlands for development projects in other countries, thus creating financial support and social commitment from people to people. Citizens in the Netherlands organised in private initiatives commit their free time, expertise, funds and networks to help relieve poverty for people with limited chances in life.

The challenge

Initiated projects must be sustainable after the Dutch partner leaves. Wild Geese believes that learning is the answer, with a focus on improving skills for both Dutch and local partners in local fundraising, mobilising support for policy influencing and organisational development.   To achieve these aims the idea of an online learning platform was born: the Change the Game Academy.

Our solution

MDF Training & Consultancy was involved in the design of the online learning modules on Local Fundraising, Mobilising Support for Policy Influencing, and Organisational Development, the delivery of a Training of Trainers Trajectory, and the creation of national trainer teams on these topics.

Since 2015 twelve learning trajectories of six months have been rolled out, training national training teams who use the Change the Game Academy website modules online, and training and accompaning trainees by coaching on- and offline while executing fundraising actions and policy initiatives. The training trajectories involve trainers, community based organisation (CBOs) leaders and non governmental organisations (NGOs) and their staff. These trajectories are composed of national intervision meetings of trainer teams, and demonstrate the commitment of leaders and participants to the application of  learnings. They also show concrete actions being executed, more funds being raised and policies being influenced.

The results

The Change the Game Academy aims at strengthening the capacity of CBOs and NGOs all over the world, but especially in low and middle income countries, to raise funds locally and to mobilise other kinds of support. To achieve this, the present rules of the ‘development game’ need to be fundamentally transformed.  While many CBOs and NGOs in the Global South are to a large extent still dependent on foreign contributions, the Change the Game Academy aims to put the responsibility for poverty alleviation where it ultimately belongs - in low and middle income countries themselves. It wants to enable national actors to take up this responsibility by strengthening their capacity to raise funds in their country and to address local duty bearers.

By 2020 the Wild Geese Foundation intends to have achieved the following results with the Change the Game Academy:


  • trained 80 Trainers on Mobilising Support for Policy Influencing,
  • 120 Trainers on Local Fundraising;
  • these trainers will have trained 2,700 Community Based Organisations/Non Governmental Organisations staff,
  • 13,000 participants will have followed the Local Fundraising / Mobilising Support for Policy Influencing/ Organisational Development modules online


  • 6,500 local fundraising initiatives will have been realized;
  • 3,250 Mobilising Support for Policy Influencing initiatives will have been realized;
  • 1,675 Mobilising Support for Policy Influencing initiatives will have led to increased local budgets use, and local policies applied.

 See changethegameacademy.org

“MDF's expertise in course development and in the training of local trainers has been indispensable in the important process of equipping Southern partners to take more effective responsibility for poverty alleviation.”

Tineke Huizinga, Director Wild Geese Foundation

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