Our client

The National Agency for Land Administration (ANDF) is the client of this project, which is financed by the Netherlands Embassy in Cotonou, Benin. In fact, they are the client as well with whom we have a contract. MDF Training & Consultancy implements the project in a consortium with VNG-International and Kadaster International.

In fact, ANDF is more of a partner than a client. They have requested services from our consortium that should enable them to develop their own capacities.

Discussing titling

The challenge

There are huge challenges in relation to land security in Benin. Very few “landowners” have obtained costly official titles and this is the reason for many disputes between people. As a result, there are many court cases that are costly and time consuming. Another disadvantage of having no titles is the difficulty of using “land” as collateral in obtaining loans and other financial transactions. Furthermore, the right to use land (as a tenant) is not secured for vulnerable people in society, women and young people.


Our solution

Land administration There are no simple solutions to these huge challenges, although it is clear that land security is a key factor for economic development and social protection. This project contributes to determining the best methods to measure land, translate it in titles and maintain the records in a suitable database. The approach is “fit for purpose”, meaning that an optimal system is put in place, which corresponds to the most important and urgent needs of the government and can be maintained in the future.

The project also contributes to developing the capacities of the ANDF organisation and all other stakeholders in the chain of titling, from land surveying organisations to the municipalities. The vulnerable groups – sometimes represented by civil society organisations – also receive up-to-date information and training for them to participate in this development.



The results

It is too early to talk about results (the project started in December 2018), but to date methods for measuring and titling have been tested and procedures written in handbooks. The ANDF organisation is strengthened through close collaboration with the technical people from the consortium. While there is a long path to the full implementation of the land registration in Benin, this project will contribute to it in a sustainable manner.



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