Increased demand

On the last day of the course Helena tells us: “Measuring impact is becoming more and more important, but many organisations have insufficient knowledge about how to make it work. We have recently started a new five-year project and one of the requirements of the donor is to include an impact evaluation. Furthermore, because of the increased number of refugees in the Netherlands we observe that there are new organisations operating in this sector. So our organisation feels the need to better show our impact and contribution, and its specific added value.”


Where to start?

“Now that I know more about the topic, I can promote the importance of measuring impact in our organisation. The first step is to increase awareness among my colleagues. The actual implementation of an impact evaluation is a second step, but after this training I feel confident that I can facilitate this discussion and bring in-depth knowledge about what it is, and what the options are to go about it.”


The pieces of the puzzle

“Before the course took place, I learned from the website that the training would be a full week which gave me the confidence that it would be an in-depth training and not only scratch the surface. Which it did; the training has given me a lot of information to process, and I feel I need at least a week to let it all sink in. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall together and I now have a much better overview about what an Impact Evaluation is, why it is important, and how I can design an evaluation process using the right methods.”


Practical experience

MDF Training & Consultancy has a lot of experience in the development sector and at the same time they are aware of the latest theories and developments. Helena appreciated that the most of the trainers; “They teach from their own experience. This is much more valuable than being trained by someone who can present the theory but cannot bring in practical examples. These trainers understood the challenges I face in practice. And because of their practical approach, I can start working with the tools I learned immediately after the training.” 


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