The ToC app

MDF Training & Consultancy, Wageningen University, Business for Development and other consortium partners are working on a software application (an app) which helps you designing a Theory of Change together. Designing a Theory of Change is often very timeconsuming and it doesn't always result in something you can proudly present. The new app provides guidance, let you build on the experience and knowledge from other users and provides practical and intuitive visual tools to build a Theory of Change together with your partners.

Participative approach

MDF Training & Consultancy was approached by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation-WUR and the social enterprise Business for Development. Dick van Blitterswijk, managing partner of MDF: "We experienced the need for software that makes a participative approach possible on a world-wide scale. As one of the consortium partners we provide funding, knowledge and ToC experience as input for the application and we help developing the app. Also after this app is operational we will stay involved and support organisations with their Theories of Change."

The app is currently in beta but we will keep you posted when it is fully operational. More information is available on the website under the name Wikichange or get in touch with Dick van Blitterswijk.