Our client

GiZ is a German development agency that provides services in the field of international development cooperation. GiZ resumed its activities in Myanmar in 2012 and focuses on:

  • Promoting vocational training
  • Strengthening the private sector
  • Developing the financial sector


The challenge

With a multitude of projects in Myanmar, GiZ was interested to know the value for money (VfM) of these projects provide for the development of Myanmar. Five projects were selected in both the private sector and financial sector development programmes. As this was the first-ever VfM assessment for GiZ globally, it was therefore a pilot to assess whether such assessments are insightful for GiZ programming.


Our solution

Our office in Myanmar developed a model for VfM assessment based on popular assessment methods. Using both existing and new data sources, MDF compared GiZ ‘investments’ with the financial impact for the beneficiaries. These comparisons led to a cost-benefit analysis for the five separate projects.


The results

MDF Training & Consultancy developed various knowledge management products (e.g. 1-pagers and presentations) that can be used to present GiZ projects’ VfM to stakeholders. GiZ has yet to decide whether VfM assessments will be used as a global tool to assess their projects.


Piloting the VfM approach with MDF Training & Consultancy was interesting and insightful. MDF assisted in a creative way with the methodology and visualization of the results.

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    Susanne van Lieshout

    Director Kenya office

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