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We are committed to helping people and organisations become their most effective selves. We strongly believe that through learning individuals can be empowered to become agents of change and innovation within their organisation and society.

Course program

  • Leadership and People Management

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    03 Mar 2020 to 06 Mar 2020

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  • Management of Development Projects and Programmes

    Ede, Netherlands
    09 Mar 2020 to 03 Apr 2020

    Boost your competences in leadership, result-based management and organisational development.

  • Training and Facilitation Skills

    Accra , Ghana
    16 Mar 2020 to 20 Mar 2020

    Designing and delivering highly effective learning sessions

  • Compétences interpersonnelles et de communication

    Cotonou, Benin
    16 Mar 2020 to 18 Mar 2020

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  • Gestion financière pour les organisations

    Goma, Congo (Kinshasa)
    16 Mar 2020 to 20 Mar 2020

    Pour être capable d'évaluer le budget d'un projet ainsi que l'état des finances des organisations de mise en œuvre.

  • Quản lý và thiết kế dự án dựa trên kết quả (RBM)

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    16 Mar 2020 to 19 Mar 2020

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  • Training and Facilitation Skills

    Ede, Netherlands
    30 Mar 2020 to 03 Apr 2020

    Extensive course: Designing and delivering highly effective learning sessions

  • Manajemen Perubahan

    Bali, Indonesia
    30 Mar 2020 to 02 Apr 2020

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  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

    Nairobi, Kenya
    30 Mar 2020 to 02 Apr 2020

    Be in control of your programme’s finances