Maximise the chance for success

“Developing the next step in horticulture' that is the slogan of Holland Greentech, the company I work for. As a business developer in Zambia, I am working on an integrative package of knowledge and products that helps farmers to improve their businesses. At this moment we are focussed on hybrid seeds, drip irrigation and affordable soil analyses. We do not only supply products but also deliver advice and training to farmers to maximize the chances for success. The topics of these trainings are crop management, fertilisers, and efficient irrigation, and maintenance. Not everyone's immediately engaged as the topics can be very technical.”



Active introvert participants

“Through the training with MDF, I learned about a wide set of tools to stimulate group work, presentations and demonstrations. These tools enable me to keep participants active and motivated. With these new insights, I can provide room for all participants to give input. I find that very important! Especially in foreign countries with a greater sense of hierarchy and cultural influences, I have seen that often the more extravert characters are very present in the training, making it difficult for other participants to contribute. Now, I have the tools to deal with this better.



Your golden tips?

“I really recommend to manage expectations of participants at the start of the training. Thus asking them what they expect and make sure you are all on the same wave length. A second tip is to use different learning methods. Not only when you give training but also in team meetings. It helps us tremendously when we get out of our chairs, put on some music, and use the available materials such as post-its, a whiteboard, and drawings to get new, better and more creative ideas."


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