Our client

The contracting authority is the European Commission, Directorate General for external aid, DG DEVCO. DEVCO will empower local state actors such as NAOs and RAOs, using EU funds to finance development projects in ACP countries.


The challenge

DG DEVCO is willing to cover the whole of ACP countries, thus having at least one training in each of the 90 ACP countries over a period of five years, with 2 senior trainers for each training. To meet such an ambitious goal, MDF works under a tight agenda that requires organising two trainings per month on average. Trainings are given in three languages – English, French and Portuguese – and on different continents. Besides, each training has about 30 participants.

Our solution

Thanks to our experience in managing this project, we have adopted a workflow that minimises the time needed for the preparation of each training and ensures timely coordination between trainers working in the field and MDF’s HQ. Key elements include the early schedule of trainings, interoperability among trainers, the use of online tools to work remotely, the reduction of materials to be printed and shipped as well as the use of digital supports such as tablets that participants use for group exercises.


The result(s)

Through attending the training, staff from National and Regional Authorising Officers (NAOs and RAOs) will acquire sound knowledge of the procedures of the 11th EDF and consequently how to make full use of its financing resources.

"I want to express our gratitude for taking us through the training. It is very informative for us to take on board and ensure smooth implementation of the 11th EDF projects. Going forward we are well armed for any other donor-funded project."

A participant from NAO UGANDA

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  • Laura Felisatti

    Business Developer and Project Manager

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