Soon many people will be celebrating a time of giving gifts and remembering a story of a young mother being turned away from shelter, her baby being born in circumstances of poverty and tyranny, and their escape as refugees to another land. 

Yes, it’s Christmas time. 

Although much of this season has become a commercial time of excess, the origins of the story are worth reflecting on at this time of year.  For some of this faith, the Christmas lessons of this birth and life are about moving beyond belief and theory and having a lasting impact on the world by taking positive, practical and passionate action in the world.   

Our MDF website states that we strive to:

  •  bridge the gap between theory and practice,
  • have a lasting effect,
  • contribute to your social impact,
  • and we are passionate about our work.

In 2017 it has been an honour and privilege to work alongside people and organizations doing very significant work in circumstances of great challenge across our region. MDF Asia team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting us. We wish you all the best over this season as you continue to have a positive impact and as you prepare for the challenges and opportunities of 2018. MDF walks with you into 2018.

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