CLASP stands for Credibility, Legitimacy, Accountability, Service Orientedness and Power. These concepts are cross-cutting for every step in the API-cycle. Without adhering to these concepts, you will most likely be unsuccessful to bring about sustainable change.

  • Credibility refers to the believability of your message. Is your message evidence-based, and are people accepting your message?
  • Legitimacy is about your position to represent a certain group within society. For example, if you want to lobby for child rights, do children accept that you talk on their behalf? 
  • Accountability is about taking responsibility for your actions. Are you willing to be held accountable for your actions, even if they do harm to certain groups?
  • Service Orientedness is about how you view your own role and are oriented towards the needs of the people you intend to serve, rather than your own success.
  • Power often has a negative connotation, such as repression, discrimination and corruption. There are however three alternatives: power with, power to, and power within that stimulate relationships that are more equitable.

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