The training course covered aspects of the EU grant application and award process, the terms, conditions, principles and basic rules of EU grant management, and a review of 8 aspects of financial management of EU grants which are:

  1.  Internal controls
  2. Documentation, filing and record keeping
  3. Procurement
  4. Asset management
  5. Payroll and time management
  6. Cash and bank management
  7. Accounting
  8. Financial reporting

The review of the above financial aspects resulted in a set of recommendations to improve the financial management of grant funding, based on which an action/work plan was designed, and shared with CNV. CNV and CLC are currently taking steps to further develop and implement the recommendations. 

MDF Training & Consultancy is actively supporting NGOs and CSOs with strengthening their capacities for management of grant funding provided by the European Commission. Koen Toonen, director of our office in Vietnam has successfully supported and drafted proposals for submission to the European Commission, and has supported NGOs and Civil Society Organisations with the management of EC grant funding. He has in direct contact with our office in Belgium which are fully up to date on the policies and approaches by the European Commission. 

For information, please contact Koen Toonen.