Our client

The ILO is the only United Nations agency with a tripartite structure, bringing together government, employer and worker representatives from 187 member states to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men.

The challenge

Performance evaluations between ILO staff and their supervisors are largely considered a formality that adds to the work load without adding much value. As a result such evaluations rarely take place in a professional manner, hence ILO misses many opportunities for improved individual performance and enhanced job satisfaction.

Our solution

Separate dedicated workshops were designed and conducted for supervisors and regular staff in close cooperation with ILO’s talent management branch. Participants were confronted with recognisable work situations relevant to particular performance concerns. Participants were then equipped with a range of communication tools and thinking models to deal with these situations in a more assertive, constructive and practical manner.

The results

The workshops took place at ILO headquarters in Geneva and in most regional offices. Several hundred staff members participated worldwide. By practicing and receiving feedback on the use of these tools and models, participants left the workshop with increased confidence and a clear resolution to incorporate this new knowledge into regular practice as soon as possible. Overall the workshops contributed to strengthened confidence and resolve that performance evaluations are crucial to enhanced job satisfaction, team work and achievement of better results. 

“I would recommend MDF Training & Consultancy very highly as they are committed to adapting their skills to ensure optimum learning impact and client satisfaction, and have a diverse, highly competent team of facilitators.”

Therese Betchov (former Senior HR and Staff Development Professional, ILO)

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