1. Bring out expectations. Training is as going on a journey – on the way travelers collect experiences and souvenirs. Likewise trainees collect knowledge and skills. We ask our trainees which specific knowledge or skills they’d like in their ‘backpack’ at the end.  Trainers can make sure the training program really sticks to people’s hopes and avoid mismatch.
  2. Phones off the table, please. Smart phones are highly distracting during training. When phones are in sight, people are twice as often more tempted to use them than when they’re in their bags or pockets. Discuss phone use rules with your trainees to increase their attention span.
  3. Less is more. Often trainees or their organizations request a multitude of training topics, in a short duration. Stuffing too many topics in one program is detrimental. We design each session with exercises to apply the theory or concepts. Don’t overload your participants.
  4. Let’s play. Games are a very effective way to apply or simulate learning. Tower building, Marshmallow challenge, online simulation games, Crocodile River crossing,…we use a variety of games and competitions. Also www.trainerbubble.com has a cool range of activities and games that can be customized by trainers.
  5. Real life. At MDF we used to call it adult learning, now it is referred to as experiential learning.  We always link to the trainee’s real-life experiences. Our sessions often start with reflection questions: what challenges are you facing when managing your team? Write down three experiences you have negotiating deals. Discuss with your neighbor how you have solved conflicts? We then create a bridge between trainee’s examples and our theories.
  6. Stay in touch… Often training does not stick because people go on with their busy lives after training. How can we stimulate a real commitment to their learning and actions points?  Facebook and Whatsapp groups are great ways to stay in touch. Another fun way to remind trainees to stick to their commitments is to send a picture of their action plan a few weeks after the training.

 Happy training!

 MDF Training & Consultancy offers a training course on Training & Facilitation skills. For more information, please contact us at mdfasia@mdf.nl