The game offers an ideal way to give this theme some practical hands and feet. ​


Organised by the European Commission, the EDD brings the development community together each year to share ideas and experiences. With the 2030 SDGs game, MDF Training & Consultancy offers a hands-on and creative tool to start the discussion on how we can all contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable world. ​


The interactive card game was designed in Japan and is played by more than 100.000 people in that country alone. It continues to gain popularity all over the world! The game challenges players to start discussing how we can contribute to a more sustainable world at the individual and organisational levels. ​

So join us during the interactive brainstorming session to play the game and discuss how this tool can be used to jump start your organisation's transition to becoming more sustainable.​

​For more information, please check the EDD website or talk to our trainer Sam Boering.