Specific WASH problems in Ghana

According to the UN, more than three million children under the age of five die of environment-related issues each year, ranging from contaminated water, air, food to in adequate sanitation. To safeguard children from being victims of environmental and sanitation related issues, MDF in consortium with Euroconsult/Mott MacDonald together with Ghana public services embarked on a WASH project. The main aim is to improve sanitation practices in Ghana with the main focus on WASH in schools. The project is linking several education institutes to work together. It started on February 2014 and will last till 31 January 2018.

MDF knowledge in action 

Specialised in strengthening higher education institutes and particularly in designing training methods, entrepreneurship and gender, the MDF-led consortium supports CAGRIC, a college of Agriculture Education in Mampong Ghana. 

Gender sensitive

The consortium members work with the staff of the Environmental Health and Sanitation Education Department of CAGRIC. WASH curricula were developed using competency based education methods. They also include elements on entrepreneurship and gender. The consortium also organised gender sensitising activities for students, staff and management of CAGRIC in order to stimulate female students to make a career and include more female staff at higher management. CAGRIC now applies the new know how in their curricula. This extends to the curricula and practices of seven Colleges of Education in Ghana.

Takeaways from this project

The introduction of new, competency-based WASH curricula with many new elements like gender and entrepreneurship does take time. Many institutions are involved and there are various competing topics to cope with changes. As one of the WASH trainer formulates it:

This project is an eye opener to me because of the enthusiasm and commitment of the implementing team and partners to make concrete changes in a busy and high pressure academic climate ”.

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