Change of perception

During their internship, Jojo and Victoria had the opportunity to participate in the EnterWASH training programme, a programme funded by VIA Water which provides training and mentoring to young people who want to start a business in water, sanitation and hygiene. After the training, Jojo and Victoria reflected on the lessons learned in a blog: 

“We studied some entrepreneurship back at school and prior to EnterWASH, we perceived it as something that “sucks”. We thought it was rather unnecessary in what we’re studying as environmentalists and never thought of it as an option. We even thought that running a business didn’t require any special training, knowledge or skills. Then came EnterWASH; debunking our previous thoughts and hence transforming our perception on entrepreneurship especially after realising the rich opportunities that the WASH challenges bring to the table. “Shit is business”, as said by Ibrahim Musah has given us a lot to think about.”

Read the full blog here 

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