Simulate the world in 2030

It’s May 2019. More than seventy people have gathered together for an inspiring evening. What are we going to do? Play a simulation of the world up to the year 2030. What’s the outcome?


the world-monitor meterA perfectly balanced world

Ninety minutes later, we’ve arrived in 2030 and played two game rounds. ‘We all reached our goals’, says one of the students enthusiastically when the scores of the final round are written down. This group of thirty – some of whom have never met before – co-created a perfectly balanced world and have all reasons to be proud. At the same time, another question arises: how can we translate this to the real world?



Reflections on the SDG gameNon-compatible ideas

Many beautiful insights are presented, each of which reflects larger questions in our life. At the end of the evening, someone shares: ‘This game teaches me that I first have to change myself to be able to influence others…’. Another person wishes that real life was more like this game. Moreover, one woman asks herself out loud: ‘Would I do things in life that are not compatible with my own ideals, like I sometimes did while playing this game?’



Right or wrong perspective

Given that we’re all different, we experience the game differently: that makes it personal and interesting!

What could this game tell you? Will it change the way you look at the world and yourself or will it build on your current perspective? There’s no right or wrong, there’s only the invitation to open up and share your discoveries.


Come and join us at one of the following events:enjoying the SDG game

  • 17/09 De Fietskoerier Utrecht (in Dutch), ticket 
  • 07/10 THUIS Wageningen (in Dutch), ticket 
  • 18/10 THUIS Wageningen (in Dutch), ticket  
  • 14/11 Green office VU, Amsterdam, ticket 
  • 11/12 Ulebelt Deventer (in Dutch), ticket 



More information can be found on the SDG page on our website, or ask Nadine Bergmann for more information.