Thomas on a mission

Thomas works as a consultant for AGEH. His mission is to facilitate the organisational change of partner organisation CDJP-Bururi, which aims to stimulate justice and peace in the south of Burundi. To increase CDJP’s activities and impact, AGEH assigned Thomas to support their organisational change process. A noble but complex task, hence Thomas asked himself: Were should we start? 

Diagnosing problems

Thomas quickly realised that there seemed to be insufficient staff at CDJP: only the president and his secretary, who had their hands full. The president wanted to increase the activities but there was no funding. They had difficulty providing evidence of project impact due to lack of a monitoring system. In addition, there was no human capacity available to write proposals. 

Thomas’ skills in actions

The knowledge gained from MDF helped Thomas to pinpoint these issues. CDJP needed to mobilise additional human capacity. As it turns out, they were working with a group of volunteers but these were not considered an integral part of the organisation. As a result they were missing out on a wealth of skills offered by these volunteers. Thomas further discovered that many volunteers were not well aware of CDJP’s vision and mission. There was no coordination mechanism and most volunteers did not know their responsibilities and tasks. 

Effective start

After the MDF course, Thomas organised a workshop with volunteers. Together they created communication moments. They are now training and tracking the volunteers. This proved to be an effective way to start the capacity process. As Thomas says:

“There’s still work to be done but pinning down clear and resolvable problems helped us to know where to start the process”

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