Partners workshopWorkshop with partners

On 11th January 2017, the enterprising partner team at MDF organised a workshop to come together with our partners to share experiences, reflect on critical questions and explore opportunities for collaboration in the future. The different partners from various backgrounds shared their insights and an interesting discussion gave floor to new conceptions.


Start with the enablers

We start with social impact and go beyond the results or deliverables of a project. We make change possible because we start with the enablers. What can be done better? Well, we could pay more attention to the financial sustainability; how can stakeholders continue working after the completion of a project? Or can we involve investors and financial parties more? The briefing of this first workshop can be downloaded here.


MDF’s managing director Herman Snelder was positive about the result: “The workshop provided us with new insights into what value we can add, what our partners are looking for and where there are opportunities to bring our strengths together. There is a lot to learn and we want to do this together with our partners.”


Change the world, start with yourself

This workshop was the kick off for many more to come and it’s always best to start with yourself. We are inviting our partners to share their experiences on successful collaborations. Does your organisation have ideas you want feedback on? Or do you want to bring forward a problem for discussion? Get in touch with Lisa Freiburg to find out how we can organise the next workshop together: