This was exactly the situation we faced during a recent assignment in Mayoro, a small fishing village along Lake George in Uganda. Both management and teachers pleading for change; eager to be equipped with modern educational tools and skills.


Outcome oriented education

MDF was asked to train the teachers of the private secondary and vocational school in outcome oriented education. To prepare students to think critically and develop the capability to compare, contrast, evaluate and solve problems. Empowering them to graduate as young adults, who can contribute to the development of their community.

picture of schoolbord


Challenging resources

The schools we visited have not seen much innovation, probably since colonial times. While resources have remained the same, the number of students per classroom has grown tremendously. Especially so, if role models don’t exist who can demonstrate alternatives. A reality of only having limited teaching materials such as a blackboard, chalk, notebooks, blue and red ink pencils and a small library with some old text books, as well as ever-increasing student numbers per classroom.


Role model

We realised that training one school in outcome orientated education is neither sufficient nor sustainable. School management expressed they wanted to lead by example and become a role model in their region. Show Case Day was born.


Show Case Day

During Show Case Day neighbouring schools and education officials were invited. A core group of innovative teachers showed 15 different minilessons to the 50 invited guests. Great to see the teachers applying their newly acquired training expertise. We witnessed them experimenting with group work, ball throwing methods, role play, introducing peer reviews etc. All outcome-orientated methods feasible with only limited resources.


This blog is written by MDF expert Jolanda Buter who worked on this custom designed project that was funded by NUFFIC as a consultant. Jolanda is also course director of the Gender Mainstreaming in Development Programmes course and the Training and Facilitation Skills course.  Get in touch with her if you want to know more about outcome oriented learning or read more about other custom designed projects here.