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The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is a country-led global network with over 50 member countries, bringing together governments, United Nations systems, civil society, businesses and donors in a worldwide effort to combat malnutrition. The SUN Movement links global with country-based lobby & advocacy networks.

The challenge                     

SUN's short and long term results were to be captured through a practical Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework that did justice to the nature and complexity of the Movement. MDF Training & Consultancy was asked to support the SUN Secretariat in the development and operationalisation of the M&E framework.

Our solution

We first defined the eventual use of data to be collected, clarifying the main learning and steering purposes of the M&E framework. We then developed a monitoring

system based on Outcome Mapping methodology. A practical data collection flow, together with reporting and data processing tools, was subsequently developed relying primarily on self-assessments by the global and country-level networks.

The results

The use of a guided self-assessment approach created member commitment and ownership. The M&E framework provided insight in pathways of change and proved to be instrumental for reflection and learning throughout the network. The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement now has an effective and user-friendly data system that will be used over the coming years.


Figure: Joint actor behaviour is tracked through multiple pathways of change aligned to the movements’ strategy.

“MDF's inclusive and participatory approach empowered not only the Secretariat but also members of the individual stakeholder groups to learn and understand the potential of the SUN Movement”

Martin Gallagher, SUN Secretariat Coordinator and UNDP Geneva

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