Our client 

This training was for the staff of the Frankfurt office of GIZ, the German Agency for International Cooperation. Most of the participants are based in Germany, two staff based in Turkey also joined the training. 


The challenge

The challenge for us of MDF Training & Consultancy Brussels has been to identify the appropriate tools to safeguard interactivity and our pedagogical approach based on Adult Learning principles. 


Our solution

Thanks to a team effort involving also more experienced staff from the office of MDF Training & Consulting in the Netherlands we designed the training using tools as Padlet, Mentimeter and Mural. We have been inspired by different blogs on how to make energizer online and we have started to make a repertory of the tools to be shared with our colleagues.  

Example of a Mural


The result

It has been a great experience! Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we realised that it is possible to bring participants in a modus of active learning in an online classroom. It was for all of us a fantastic discovery. It opens doors to new ideas and creativity.
Some participants knew already our style on face-to-face learning and they mentioned that there has not been a big difference. They felt included. The facilitation through visualisations where they could create sticky notes and place them into a virtual wall has been very useful in terms of learning. 

“Loved the use of technology especially with Padlet. Loved that the trainer was not reading through a deck of Powerpoints”

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