Online evaluation tools MDF offers..

..from inception, to data collection, to data analysis, to reporting, and to use of evaluation results phases. 

Online inception meeting

To kick-start together with you, the key stakeholders of the evaluated programme or alliance/network, we organise an online evaluation inception workshop using Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom, Skype or other tools combined with online visual collaboration platform like Mural and Padlet. This meeting results in discussed and agreed evaluation process and data collection tools. 

Left: A recent team energizer conducted by MDF staff on Mural before a meeting 

Online data collection

We collect your opinions and views using online tools/platforms in a synchronous or asynchronous way, depending on accessibility of respondents. We offer synchronous data collection, also a preferred way to collect data for us, when both evaluators and respondents need to be online at the same time. This is the case during key informant interviews or focus group discussions that are done using various video online conferencing tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. When this is not possible, or for additional data collection, we resort to asynchronous data collection. This allows informants to choose to respond at their convenience during an assigned period of time. When the data safety is not a major concern, we collect data through social online communities via LinkedIn, Facebook or WhatsApp or by working together in Google Docs. For instance, we recently organised an outcome harvesting process inviting implementing partners to draft outcome statements on a shared online document. When safety needs additional safeguarding, we exchange with informants using secure encrypted text via Signal/Telegram/other. 

For online surveys, we use software like Typeform, Survey Monkey, Kobo Toolbox, SurveyToGo, as well as the more intuitive story-narrative friendly platfrom such as Sprockler. We invite participants via e-mail or personal links, restricting the survey to a group of respondents. If and when required, we make the survey open to a wider group of respondents, for example, by displaying a popp-up or link on a webiste. 

A survey carried out by MDF Nairobi office team via Zoom.

Our past online evaluation achievements

Here are some of the key online evaluation programmes that we have undertaken for clients in the recent past:

  • Solidaridad: We conducted a mid-term reviewing using Sprockler survey in multiple countries, administered in collaboration with the client. 
  • Enabel Tanzania: End Evaluation of Maisha Bora Programme: online collaboration with client and stakeholders and creation of Outcome Harvesting statements together with implementing partners on Google Docs
  • KEYOPS Kenya Government and World Bank: Trace Study - use of computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) calls. 
  • AIMS: Project evaluation in Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, Senegal, Ghana, - remote data analysis of video images. 
  • The Hunger Project (THP) impact evaluation: Use of Sprockler, sense-making event online with participation of staff in USA and donor from Sweden. Use of Padlet - White wall software. 
  • Down to Zero (DtZ) alliance and Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA) end evaluations. 
  • The South Sudan Joint Response: End Evaluation, online presentation and learning events on Adobe Connect

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This blog has been authored by MDF's evaluation services Trainers/Consultants Michelle de Rijck, Nadine Bergmann, Susanne van Lieshout and Mark van der Boon