• What does MDF do and why? The perspective of the training programme on the 11th European Development Fund

    When talking about international cooperation, the first thought most people have is about money being given to foreign governmental institutions in developing countries, in the hope to render improvement. This happens with the people that are aware of the existence of international cooperation.  

    blog31 May 2021
  • Adjustment is not a sign of failure: taking Adaptive Programming all the way

    Great progress is made in the quality of programme design, reflecting a better understanding of the complexity of social change. Translating this understanding into adaptive programming practices during planning and monitoring remains a challenge, complicated by rigid control systems and the difficulty of fully trusting your partners. 

    blog12 May 2021
  • Virtual teambuilding: You can make it possible

    Who doesn’t like a team outing? Spending quality time with our co-workers increases motivation and cooperation. Hanging out together, playing games or sports, strategizing a bit. But… does this work virtually? We believe it does! MDF facilitators regularly conduct team retreat for clients. We share our key secrets to make it an event you can remember with a smile. 

    news29 Apr 2021
  • Sustainable Development Goals: It's time for everyone to join hands and reach them together

    More than ever, we must make a change in our lives, improving our behaviour and attitudes daily. Significant change can take some time, but we are entirely sure it will happen. For this, actions must be undertaken NOW.  

    Find out how we can help you and your organisation or company with this transition to a world where sustainability is the goal for everyone's growth and well-being. 


    news15 Apr 2021
  • Futures Thinking: Scenarios Planning as an innovative way for organisations to plan post-Covid

    The wake of COVID-19 brings “… a fundamental shift, one that most organisations and their leaders have not fully acknowledged. To survive the ever-changing future, one must constantly interact in a field of uncertainty, to learn and unlearn strategies needed to survive the future. ….”  Read on to find out more about the long-lasting effects of the pandemic and how organisations, using Scenarios Planning, can adapt their structure, delivery of goods/services, and create fruitful engagements with their stakeholders given the new normal.

    news19 Mar 2021