• Proposal writing: six online resources our trainees love

    At MDF, we have perfected proposal writing through our extensive experience over a period of 35 years! We have compiled six online resources that our trainees love that will go a long way in improving your proposal writing. Find out more…

    blog15 Sep 2020
  • Reflections: managing during turbulent times

    What to do when your business needs to shift 180 degrees in only a few months’ time? How do you keep colleagues on board and how do you monitor if everything is new? Ingrid Plag, managing partner at MDF, reflects in this interview on her experience with managing the organisation during these turbulent times and shares her thoughts on what she thinks made it work.   

    news11 Sep 2020
  • Global learning, from home

    Goma, DRC. Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mbarara, Uganda. Nairobi, Kenya. Yangon, Myanmar. Hanoi, Vietnam. From these places, people connected to join our Open Entry training on Writing Winning Proposals. 

    news09 Sep 2020
  • Quiz - Can you recognise leadership styles?

    A leader becomes more effective if he/she is able to apply different leadership styles in different situations. Daniel Goleman distinguishes six different leadership styles. Do you recognise them all? Also the ones that don't come naturally to you?

    news27 Aug 2020
  • connecting the dots

    Making it stick and stay awake!

    Staying awake at online sessions can be challenging. Staring at a screen, listening to all the introductions, and a slow PowerPoint presentation. Help! Keep your participants at the edge of their seat by using the brain-based learning principles... Can you connect the principles with the corresponding method?

    news11 Aug 2020