Our client

Since 2013 MDF Training & Consultancy has been coordinating two projects funded by NUFFIC on promoting sexual health rights in Bangladesh. The successful collaboration on these projects led to MDF and partners being granted a new NUFFIC tender, working with the Institute for Educational Development of BRAC University (IED) and Phulki, a large NGO already involved in supporting childcare facilities in the ready-made garment sector. 

The challenge

Currently very little attention is paid to providing adequate child care for working parents.  Most factory owners provide only rudimentary services, if any at all, and many fail to see the benefits to the company in providing childcare. In this new project, MDF Training & Consultancy and partners will strive to improve the quality and increase the number of childcare facilities.

Our solution

MDF Training & Consultancy will collaborate with Nyenrode University, the University of Amsterdam and Hong Kong University. During the first year we will conduct research on attitudes of parents and factory owners. We will study various business models for childcare facilities and good practices. These will be used as input for developing courses on childcare and to develop a business model for the facility. We will then address the perception that child care is economically unviable and focus on promoting its benefits. Better child care undoubtedly leads to less absenteeism and staff turnover.

MDF Training & Consultancy will also improve the organisational capacity of Phulki and IED by helping them to develop strategic plans, provide staff training, and improve their sustainability.

The results

To enhance the process, local ownership will be established from the start. The Bangladeshi partners are the decision makers, the Dutch partners are merely advisors. The project will run up until 2019. All management information will be made available online to partners to ensure transparency and information sharing.



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