Successful online training, why?

While at MDF we strongly believe in blended options for our training programmes, combining online with face-to-face learning, it has become clear that this is not an option, especailly now during this difficult pandemic time of Corona virus. The advantage of online training is that there is more time and handy digital tools to give detailed feedback to participants. Furthermore, we can train people from different offices at the same time, as we did with the ICCO Cooperation team, which promoted collaboration between the ICCO offices. 

This is all possible via MDF's online learning platform, Moodle. In this environment, participants can access all course materials, share exercises and work together in teams. We saw that the level of writing and the capacity to present persuasively to ICCO staff grew significantly during their writing and pitching exercises. 

At the end, all participants were unanimous that they would recommend the course and approach used to their colleagues and to other organisations. Here are some responses from the participants:

The training was very informative and relevant and catered to the limitation of not being able to do the training in person, the use of the online tools was very innovative.’ 

‘Very appropriate, practical training. Given by people who are experienced in proposal writing.’

All MDF trailor-made training programmes are now fully online

We understand that you want to have a personal experience during your training. An experience in which you can work together with others to exchange ideas and also receive feedback. MDF can give you that experience online with our unique training methods to support your learning process in a practical way. We combine our MDF online learning environment with a virtual classroom experience via interactive webinars.

Interested in learning more? Please contact our Trainer & Consultant Floris van Zuilekom or our Regional Director and Senior Trainer Susanne van Lieshout, writers of this blog, at our Kenya office to find out how we can tailor our online training programme for your organisation.