Impressions of the game

The game is very interactive, inspiring and a fun way to raise awareness on the interconnectedness of personal behaviour, project/organisation goals and the effect on the economic, environmental and social (global) environment. 
The game is designed in a way that offers insights and learning on multiple levels. Key here is the facilitation of the game and the group discussions in the middle and after the game. The experience during the game is linked to the real world and participants clearly recognise the similarities.

The game has everybody involved in no-time. Doing nothing is not an option. People take different kind of initiatives to attain their goals, choose to collaborate, negotiate, or help others run their projects and (un)consciously influence the effect on the economy, environment and society.

In a follow-up on the successful introduction, MDF is exploring the possibilities of becoming the partner for the Netherlands and countries where MDF regional offices are located. This will allow MDF staff - once licensed - to play the game with different types of clients.

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