Think outside the boxReadiness first

Although I may have felt a bit deflated initially, I did not sit idle and nor did Véronique Géraud. Véronique has been living in Myanmar for the past six years working in the field of peace building and education. As she is currently in Europe for training as part of her work with the multi-ethnic school Thabyay and Bread for the World, she was motivated to learn and asked for an online alternative for the Enterprising Project Design course. 

“I was looking for a course concerning social business that would be educational but also practical", says Véronique. "I have some knowledge in building projects but not in business. MDF Training & Consultancy understands the "humanitarian" world, but could also guide me into the world of social business and help me understand and believe in the advantages of such initiatives.”

The online version of this course did not exist yet, but Véronique’s readiness and willingness to learn encouraged me to go into fifth gear and within no time, I flipped the Enterprising Project Design course fully online. My experience with blended courses where we combine an online part with face-to-face training, helped to make it interactive.

Did it work? 

“The online course was great! The platform is very easy and I felt accompanied throughout the process. I really liked working on a concrete project that could potentially be set up in Yangon in my work. Although I have missed having an international group of colleagues with whom I could exchange, the quality of the virtual exchanges with the trainer were great.”


What about results? 

A fully online course, can it have the same results as a face-to-face course, especially when the course focuses on a mindset change? I was so pleased to learn it’s possible! On the final day of training, when Véronique presented her ideas in a convincing pitch, it was amazing to see the energy and belief in her ideas for setting up social businesses in Myanmar.  

What did Véronique learn in just 3 days of learning online? “If you want to start a social business: do it! Test your ideas with a small pilot project that can give an idea of how to adapt and transform the initial business. We don’t need a lot of funding for this. Being creative and inventive is part of the process, as well as using your own networks.”

What did I learn? When trainers and participants are motivated and ready to work together in this new environment, online learning can be incredibly fun and rewarding!


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