Our consultants, Nadine Bergmann and Michelle de Rijck-Mrema, approached this evaluation with two fun and interactive tools regularly used in MDF training assignments: Mentimeter and Articulate 360. ​

Using Mentimeter to collect data and present the findings made it possible to spice up the 30 online focus group conversations. The tool helped to elicit initial responses to evaluation questions, which were analysed more in depth during the discussion. MDF created an open and safe space to accommodate the views of all stakeholders involved. Mentimeter ensured all respondents had an equal voice and allowed us to gather both quantitative (survey) data as well as qualitative information (discussion) at the same time! ​

Articulate 360 was used to develop an interactive report online. This e-learning tool's intuitive flow makes reading the evaluation report easy and more engaging. ​

The DRA appreciated the evaluation process, the tools and the results.

You can read our report here.